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01 Celtic Laureates
1. Celtic Laureates: Harry Clifton,
Gillian Clarke and Liz Lochhead
6pm – 7pm | Community Hall | £10
Introducing Ireland’s Professor of Poetry, Harry
Clifton, to the Festival. Laden with awards and
fellowships, his latest collection is The Winter
Sleep of Captain Lemass. He will read in the
luminous company of Wales’ National Poet
Gillian Clarke with her magnificent, T.S.Eliotnominated Ice and Scots Makar Liz Lochhead: her collection A Choosing is funny, powerful, moving and life-affirming.
02 Kate Tempest
03 Feral Productions 4 Branches
04 Workshop The Spy Glass Of The Imagination
06 Persian Poets
07 Liz Lochead Desert Island Poems
08 Poilu and Tommy
10 Jamie McKendrick and Judy Brown
11 Masterclass with Ian Duhig
12 Aidan Coleman and Nick Laird
13 Write On! Writing Squads Showcase
14 Italian Poets
15 Jane Draycott and James Harpur
16 Poetry and Jazz
17 Jacob Polley and Sean Borodale
18 Under Lightning
19 Workshop : First Draft
20 One To Ones with Ian Duhig
21 Poems Of The Sea
22 Victor Rodriguez Nunez
23 Juliet Stevenson reads Sylvia Plath
24 Poetry Massages
26 An Afternoon Of Nonsense
27 CSBO On Your Doorstep
29 Forrest Gander and Gozo Yoshimasu
30 Ledbury Poetry Slam
31 C D Wright and Sophie Robinson
32 Poem and Song
34 Secondary Schools Workshop
35 The Literary Rectory
36 British Poets and European Operas
37 Patience After Sebald
38 Identity In Poetry Workshop
39 Foyle Young Poets Reading
40 Cerys Matthews sing-along
42 Margaret Reynolds on R.S. Thomas
43 Larkin’ About
44 Green Poems For A Blue Planet
45 Distances We Travel Workshop with Naomi Shihab Nye
47 Martin Rowson The Limerickiad
48 Andy Kershaw
49 Little Machine
50 James Crowden
51 Silences and Strategies Workshop
53 Poems and Cider
54 An evening with The Vaginellas
55 Lost and Found Poems Workshop
56 Emily Berry and Eric Gregory Winners
57 Jane Routh and Mike Barlow
58 Owen Sheers – Pink Mist
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 Off sale Friday 5th July, 2013 6pm

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